Suggested Technique for Reference Point at center of gravity


In assy mode, create a point referenced to the coordinate system used when calculating the COG. In the assy, use the following relation to update the point location. The following locates a datum point at the COG of the assy:
$D? = mp_cg_x("","DEF_ACS","")
$D? = mp_cg_y("","DEF_ACS","")
$D? = mp_cg_z("","DEF_ACS","")
Replace the ? with the correct dim identifier. Replace the "DEF_ACS" with the name of your CS. In drawing mode, place a COG symbol attached to the point created at the COG.



You must have the advanced module of Pro/ENGINEER - Behavioral Modeler to do this. Create an analysis feature. Choose Datum > Analysis. In the Analysis dialog box, do the following:
Choose Model Analysis as the type of the analysis.
Click Next to go to the next page to specify a parameter that you want to create.
Choose Model Mass Properties as the type of measure.
Click Compute to compute the mass.
Click Close.
Choose the parameters XCOG, YCOG, ZCOG and select Yes to create these parameters.
Choose Next to go to the next page to create a point at center of mass as a result of the analysis feature.
Under Result datums, choose the point at center of mass, choose Yes to create and enter the name for the datum.



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